Virtual Reunion

The vaccines are starting to roll out, but it’s going to be a while before it’s safe for everyone to gather in person. In the meantime let’s get the virtual reunion rolling.

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Fab Festivus, and Please Lord a Normal New Year from Class of 1970 alumni Pete Lewis and Kathryn Hein Lewis, now residents of North Carolina.

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Hanawalt kindergartners in Miss Jarvis’s morning class … May 1958.

Front row, L-R: Cathy Pickard, Jerri Minkler, Linda Truslow, Dana Dawson, Patty Coveny, Barbara Bookey, Martha Sammons, Nancy Anderson.

2nd row: Tom Derrick, Charlie Thyberg, Dennis Hull, Keith Brown, Christy Gerdes, Richard Lynch, Andrea Lane, Nancy Wessling.

3rd row: Irwin Harris, Marietta Grant, David Prall, Vince Hanrahan, Jimmy Clemens, Duffy Lewis, Tommy Margulies, Doug Bagley, Chrissy Wheeler.

Back row: Principal Robert Langerak, Ruth Prall, Miss Florence Jarvis, Nancy Dorweiler.

NOT PICTURED: Marty Murphy, Christy Quance

Note: Thanks to Linda Truslow, Charles Stanley Thyberg, Deborah Dickinson and others who helped put names to faces.

HELP! Can anyone identify these Hanawalt kindergartners in Miss Jarvis’s afternoon class?

This one is tough. I see Kathy Thelen, Mary Galenbeck, Kristi Lund, and Cathy Denman in the front row. Ricky Peterson (in front of Miss Jarvis), Terri Rapaport, Bruce Boatwright, Debbie Dickenson, Joanne Young in the middle scrum, and Margaret Voogd and Jim Knox toward the rear. Need lots of help with this one, please.

Hanawalt first-graders in Miss Barnes’s class … 1958

Front row, L-R: Betsy Schwartz, Cathy Denman, Martha Sammons, Marcella Porter, Sally Matthews, Denny Hull.

2nd row: Bruce Boatwright, Jimmy Burns, Tommy Derrick, Mary Galenbeck, Tommy Margulies, Duffy Lewis, Loren Clayton, Jerri Minkler.

3rd row: Teri Rapaport, David Prall, Margaret Voogd, Lori Webber, Irwin Harris, Margaret Jacobson, Cynthia Zoal, Cathy Clemens, Kim Broadhead.

4th row: Miss Mary Jane Barnes, Deborah Dickinson, Kristi Lund, Jim Knox, Kathy Thelen, Joanne Young, Cathy Pickard, Bobby Worthrich.


HELP! Can you identify these Hanawalt second-graders? Who is the teacher?

Front row, L-R: Cathy Denman, UNKNOWN, Marcy Porter, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, Linda Truslow, Phyllis Hughes.

Row 2: Cathy Clemens, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN, Lori Webber, UNKNOWN, Doug Bagley, Nancy Wessling, Loren Clayton.

Row 3: Joanne Young, Tom Derrick, Kristi Lund, UNKNOWN, Bobby Wuthrich?, Betsy Schwartz.

Row 4: Chris Wheeler, UNKNOWN, Barbie Bookey, UNKNOWN, UNKNOWN TEACHER, Jim Knox, Kathy Thelen, Jim Clemens, Keith Brown.

Help identify Miss Taake’s Hanawalt second-graders from 1959!

Front row: Timmy R UNIDENTIFIED, Martha Helgerson, Mark Reece, Mary Galenbeck.

2nd row: Joseph P. UNIDENTIFIED, Terri Rapaport, Lisa Trowbridge, Steven G UNKNOWN, Dianne De St. Pare, Deanna Book, David A UNIDENTIFIED.

3rd row: Mrs. Taake, Irwin Harris, Margaret Voogd, Scott Wallace, Jerry L UNKNOWN, Sally Matthews, David Prall, Alan Cubbage.

4th row: Martha Sammons, Dennis Hull, Jerri Minkler, Bruce Boatwright, Sally Bryan, Duffy Lewis, Deborah Dickinson.

Help me out here, folks.